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About us

Bonako produces digital games and mobile applications. Based on the Islands of Cabo Verde, Bonako aims to develop games that are inspired by Africa’s folklore, stories, games, and its indigenous knowledge systems. We aim to promote Africa’s heritage and to be a reference in the digital games market by developing games that are emotionally compelling, educational and entertaining.

Bonako differentiates itself on its ability to produce and distribute innovative entertainment, with quality graphics and gameplay based on Africa’s rich culture. For this, Bonako integrates its own solutions and others to entertain its public. Bonako presents its products in three languages: English, French and Portuguese.

We have a young and highly skilled and creative team with an intention to make Africa a focus of attention in the video gaming world. We want to tell African stories using the language of digital games


Create new forms of interactivity, leisure and learning to provide users with fun and knowledge through digital games.

What distinguishes us from other companies is that we are committed to creating products that are inspired by African culture and history, including its myths, folktales and indigenous knowledge systems.


Become a reference in the production of multiplatform mobile applications and digital games based on Africa’s knowledge systems.


Creativity, Innovation, Professionalism, ethical and excellence.

We are working on:

Virtual racing game based on African environments.

Games on travel and adventure.

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